We are a community of like-minded individuals focused around self-care and personal growth in Puerto Rico. Our goal is to bring together small groups to achieve this through Experiences that include Weekly Wellness programming, Pop-Up Dinners, and Jungle Retreats.

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Join us for an experience to Treat your


SELF • /self/ • noun

A person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

Our Treat Your Self Experiences focus on the following key areas:

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Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness

A steady drumbeat of Experiences including yoga, acupuncture, meditation, shamanic journeying, and more.

Popup Dinners

Pop-Up Dinners

Intimate rooftop dinners featuring four course meals created by the one and only Chef Jerome. 

Jungle Retreat

Jungle Retreats

Each month, we host one weekend long themed event meant to help us disconnect and recharge.


Kind Words From Past Participants

“Finca El Cuco and Jon’s retreat there were simply magical; more than recharging my badly drained batteries, it was like getting a whole new set of them!”

Marc Bejarano

“It was transformational. I would recommend the experience to anyone wanting to explore other mediums of healing through intense self discovery. Every meal was literally a gastronomy of the oral senses thanks to Jerome. The ability to reserve an outdoor retreat in the jungle and still feel secure is unlike any other accomodation.”

Adianice Correa

“It’s important to take time away from the things you might attach your identity to, to disconnect from the descriptors of how you live, to remember who you are innately, both in nature and in relationship to your community.”

Corinne Clinch

“Jon’s retreat on the farm was an ideal setting to clear my head and get grounded and present. Between the yoga, meditation, cupping, healing work, fun with fractal burning, incredible food by Chef Jerome, and most of all the community, the occasion was a highlight of my summer — sparking creativity and bringing well-being to the fore.”

Melissa Jun Rowley